ECCAIRS - European Co-ordination Centre for Accident and Incident Reporting Systems

ECCAIRS Steering Committee

The ECCAIRS Steering Committee is the group of representatives of the Member States that guide the European Commission in the implementation and maintenance of means and methods required to run an efficient and effective data collection, integration and exchange network for aviation safety information.

The competence and responsibilities of the Steering Committee are defined in its Terms of Reference.

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ECCAIRS Steering Committee meetings take place once per year, usually in the last quarter (October to December). The meeting is open for representatives of EU and EFTA competent authorities (Civil Aviation Authorities and Safety Investigation Authorities) using, or planning to use, the ECCAIRS reporting system. The European Commission (DG MOVE and DG JRC), the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Eurocontrol and ICAO are participating members. Other organisations can participate on request or after invitation.

The ECCAIRS Steering Committee Meetings are organised by the European Commission and take place at the premises of DG MOVE in Brussels (Belgium) and of EASA in Cologne (Germany).


The European Commission asks the state's authority (Civil Aviation Authorities and Safety Investigation Authorities of EU Member States and EFTA states) to assign one formal representative, who will become an ECCAIRS Steering Committee member.

This person will be invited to participate the Steering Committee meetings, will have special rights on the ECCAIRS portal (for example to download the software) and will have the right to vote on matters discussed in ECCAIRS meetings or on the ECCAIRS portal.

The authority shall inform the European Commission about the representative chosen, including when the delegation is assigned to another person, and activate an account on this Portal for that person so that the permissions granted to this role are assigned properly. Contacts of the European Commission are on the Members page.

Related Roles

The more than 60 potential ECCAIRS Steering Committee members are represented by a smaller group, the ECCAIRS Steering Board, to discuss on a more manageable platform the detailed development and operation of the ECCAIRS software and of the European Central Repository.

In addition, European Legislation requires that each European Member State and EFTA State assigns a so called Point of Contact with the responsibility to manage the collection and exchange of information and to serve as the entity to be contacted by third parties interested in having access to information derived from the contents of the European Central Repository.