ECCAIRS - European Co-ordination Centre for Accident and Incident Reporting Systems

Points of Contact

Points of Contact are competent authorities having taken the responsibility to manage the collection and exchange of safety information according Regulation (EU) No 376/2014. The current Points of Contact are listed in the table below.

Organisations which shall be contacted by third parties interested in obtaining information related to the collected civil aviation occurrences are also listed in the table. A register of these requests is maintained at this portal.

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Contact area sorting order... Organization Category Actions
Austria Austrocontrol-CAA CAA Show details
Belgium Belgian CAA CAA Show details
Bulgaria Directorate for Aircraft, Maritime and Railway Accident Investigation of the
Ministry of Transport
AIB Show details
Croatia Air, Maritime and Railway Traffic Accident Investigation Agency (AIA) AIB Show details
Cyprus CAA of Cyprus CAA Show details
Czech Republic AAII - Air Accident Investigation Institute AIB Show details
Denmark Danish Transport Authority CAA Show details
Estonia Estonian CAA CAA Show details
EU EASA EASA - European Aviation Safety Agency EU policy Show details
European Commission DG MOVE - European Commission Directorate Mobility and Transport EU policy Show details
Finland Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) CAA Show details
France Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile CAA Show details
Germany Luftfahrt-Bundesamt CAA Show details
Greece Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) CAA Show details
Hungary Közlekedésbiztonsági Szervezet (KBSZ) AIB Show details
Iceland Icelandic Transport Authority CAA Show details
Ireland Irish Aviation Authority CAA Show details
Italy ENAC Ente Nazionale per l'Aviazione Civile CAA Show details
Latvia Civil Aviation Agency - Latvia CAA Show details
Lithuania Transport Competence Agency CAA Show details
Luxembourg Direction de l'Aviation Civile CAA Show details
Malta Civil Aviation Directorate CAA Show details
Netherlands Occurrence Reporting Buro, CAA The Netherlands CAA Show details
Norway Civil Aviation Authority - Norway CAA Show details
Poland Urzad Lotnictwa Cywilnego - Civil Aviation Authority CAA Show details
Portugal Autoridade Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC) CAA Show details
Romania Civil Aviation Safety Investigation and Analysis Center AIB Show details
Slovakia Aviation and Maritime Investigation Authority AIB Show details
Slovenia CAA Slovenia - Civil Aviation Directorate CAA Show details
Spain AESA Spain CAA Show details
Sweden Transportstyrelsen CAA Show details
Switzerland Federal Office of Civil Aviation CAA Show details
United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority CAA Show details
Total number of organizations is 33