ECCAIRS - European Co-ordination Centre for Accident and Incident Reporting Systems

ECCAIRS Community

The ECCAIRS Community comprises all organisations, persons, committees and boards interested or involved in the usage of the ECCAIRS Reporting System. Given that transport safety is not confined by geographical boundaries the ECCAIRS community, though ECCAIRS is a European Union initiative, is also open to persons and organisation anywhere in the world.

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ECCAIRS Steering Committee

The ECCAIRS Steering Committee is the group of representatives of the Member States that guide the European Commission in the implementation and maintenance of means and methods required to run an efficient and effective data collection, integration and exchange network for aviation safety information. The competence and responsibilities of the Steering Committee are defined in its Terms of Reference.

ECCAIRS Steering Board

To ensure a close collaboration and a systematic interaction between the EU Member States/EFTA States and the European Commission/EASA, some responsibilities (defining policies for the development of the ECCAIRS Reporting System, monitoring the operation of the ECCAIRS Network and the operation/usage of the European Central Repository) are delegated to a representative group called the ECCAIRS Steering Board. Its objective is to support the development of ECCAIRS Reporting System in view of ensuring it will continue to serve the needs of the community, while allowing stronger involvement from the Member States and supporting the legal requirements enclosed in the relevant EU legislation.

Points of Contact

Points of Contact are competent authorities of EU Member States or EFTA States having taken the responsibility to manage the collection and exchange of safety information according Regulation (EU) No 376/2014. In addition, the Points of Contact are the organisations which should be contacted by third parties interested in obtaining information related to the collected civil aviation occurrences. Click on the above header to access the list of current Points of Contacts.

ECCAIRS Portal Users

General information on the ECCAIRS portal is available for the public. More specific information is only available for registered users, the so called ECCAIRS Portal Users. Since transport safety is of global concern, anybody in the world interested in occurrence reporting with the goal to improve transport safety can request an ECCAIRS portal user account. After requesting an account (subscribe), a validation takes place and if accepted the account is confirmed by email.


Each ECCAIRS portal user is part of an organisation. In general, this organisation should be involved in transport safety. This Portal lists all organisations for which a user is registered. Organisations belong to one of several categories depending on their role. Click on the above header to access this list.

Web sites

Many organisations registered on the portal have websites in which more detailed information can be found. For your convenience we provide a list of links to the websites of all organisations that have compiled this information in their organisation details. Click on the above header to access this list.