ECCAIRS - European Co-ordination Centre for Accident and Incident Reporting Systems


The ECCAIRS Reporting System, and related tools, are supported in various ways. First level support is given to the competent authorities of the European Union and EFTA states, using ECCAIRS to implement European legislation. However all users of the ECCAIRS system, once registered at this portal, can profit from the below mentioned support facilities.

Note: Please login to the portal or subscribe for an account to gain access to the Support section.

Problem Reports

Users of the ECCAIRS reporting system can submit new, and browse through already filed, problem reports. These problem reports will be moderated by the JRC and it's contractors and the originator will be kept informed on any status changes.

Change Proposals

Users of the ECCAIRS reporting system can submit change proposals for extending or improving the functionalities of the system. These change proposals will be reviewed by the members of the ECCAIRS Steering Committee and prioritised by the ECCAIRS Steering Board, taking into account the available project resources.

Operational Contacts

Operational contacts are the persons within an organisation who are responsible for, or have a good knowledge of, the operational aspects of the ECCAIRS installation. In case of technical questions an organisation could consider to contact a peer in another organisation to obtain some useful information.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Often very similar questions are asked to the JRC. We compiled them in a categorised list and provided answers. With an ECCAIRS portal account you can also propose new questions which, after an answer has been found, will be added to this list (if applicable).

Electronic Reporting

There are various ways organisations and individuals can report occurrences to their national competent authority. In Regulation (EU) No 376/2014 this is referred to as ECCAIRS/ADREP compatibility. In practice there are various options available which are outlined in this section of the portal.


The JRC organises training sessions related to the installation, configuration and customisation of the ECCAIRS Reporting System. Training courses are provided to competent authorities of the EU/EFTA States. Requests for participation from other organisations will be considered as well but acceptance might depend on the availability of remaining places. Related training options are made available also by other parties involved.